Rare Lobster Comes to Newport Aquarium

A rare calico lobster came to the Save the Bay aquarium this weekend.

The aquarium welcomed a new member this week: a rare calico lobster.

The lobster boasts bright orange and yellow spots on its exoskeleten.

Calico lobsters are extremely uncommon, about one in 30 million, Adam Kovarsky, of Save the Bay, said.

Lobstermen from Aquidneck Lobster made the discovery and reported it to Save the Bay. The lobster was picked up and transported back to the aquarium.

“Being at the aquarium could prolong it’s life,” Kovarsky said. Such a one-of-a-kind creature is also a great educational opportunity he said.

The lobster, which is nocturnal, is being kept in a tank in a closed off corner of the aquarium to reduce the amount of light.

Kovarsky explained the spotted nature of the lobster’s shell is a mutation.

The aquarium is also home to Blue, a blue lobster. Blue is about 30 times less rare than the calico lobster, Kovarsky said, literally one in a million.

The seven-inch lobster remains unnamed and the aquarium is open to suggestions.

Kovarsky estimated the calico to be about three to five years old. 

docjbg January 28, 2012 at 03:25 AM
Hottie Dottie


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