UPDATE: Beaches Now Open

Health officials have closed the swimming areas in Newport due to high bacteria counts.

UPDATE: HEALTH officials have now recommended re-opening Bristol Town Beach, Third Beach, King Park Beach, Goddard Memorial State Park Beach, and Fort Adams State Beach for swimming. This recommendation is based on results from water samples that show bacteria levels within acceptable limits. HEALTH will continue to monitor the water quality regularly to assure safe bathing throughout the summer season.


The Rhode Island Department of Health recommended the closure of  and in Newport due to high bacteria counts.

Other beaches around Rhode Island that have been closed are Bristol Town Beach and Goddard Memorial State Park Beach to swimming.

Officials will continue to monitor the water quality and recommend re-opening when the area is safe for swimming. Water quality analysis is conducted by the HEALTH laboratory or a state certified laboratory.

Gordon June 07, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Will the Ocean State actually ever have clean oceans. Embarrassing that my grand kids can't swim at the beached I grew up without the fear of getting sick. This is a man made problem needing leadership to solve. A missing element in all of the RI political systems. As citizens we get what we deserve if we don't care.
Christian June 07, 2012 at 03:15 PM
ughhh, even as kids we knew better then to EVER go swimming in both fort adams or kings park, in fact we called them the Walmart Beaches. Why anyone would let their kids even wade in those waters off both those locations, even with no high bacteria count is mind boggling.


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