St. Michael's Unveils SMART Table Learning Center

St. Michael's introduced the interactive learning center in its Early Childhood Program.

Students in the Early Childhood program at St. Michael’s Country Day School will be using a new piece of technology in their classrooms this year. The SMART Table, created by SMART Technologies, is an interactive, touch screen, learning center that allows students to work simultaneously on one horizontal, 360-degree surface.

The SMART Table is pre-loaded with a variety of age appropriate games and activities, and also has the capability for teachers to design their own interactive lessons. Use of the device will not only foster collaboration, but will also help to build cognitive, social, and fine motor skills.

Jessica Boyle, a kindergarten teacher at St. Michael’s, said the SMART Table will provide her students with an introduction to technology, while supporting literacy and numeracy, the basic areas of curriculum in her classroom. She added, “It was clearly designed with young children in mind. They can reach the entire surface and use the touch screen effectively. Something they can’t do with a SMART Board.” The Early Childhood students have received a brief introduction to the table, and the response has been enthusiastic. Each student was able to quickly figure out how it worked, and what they were supposed to do. Throughout the school year they will be working in small groups, both independently and with a teacher, to complete lessons tailored specifically to meet their needs.

SMART Technologies also produces the popular SMART Board, which is currently used in each grade level at St. Michael’s.

Bethany Di Napoli September 26, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Way to go St. Michael's - always on the cutting edge of education!


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