School Committee Awards Pell School General Contractor Bid

The Newport School Committee announced the Pell School bid award would go to Bacon/Agostini Construction.

The unanimously voted Tuesday to award Bacon/Agostini Construction the bid award to serve as general contractor for the Claiborne Pell Elementary School project.

The school committee received three bids for the project. 

With Bacon/Agostini's bid of $24,050,700, the plan will be able to maintain its contingency fund of $1.2 million as well as furniture fixture funds.

“I think this is great,” Superintendent John Ambrogi said. “After all these years we’re getting it across the finish line.”

Owner’s representative Jim Farrar, of , said it was “very exciting” to see the past months’ hard work pay off.

“All of [the bids] were within striking distance of where we wanted,” Farrar said. “This one is right where we wanted and a little bit better than what we were expecting.”

Farrar said the project is still on track for a March ground-breaking and for a September 2013 opening. Until then, the work will be setting up the contract with Bacon/Agostini.

“It doesn’t get any better than where we are today,” he said.

The committee also voted to remove the bridge for redesign with HMFH in favor of interior stairs.

Ambrogi said with stairs would net “mid-90,000 savings.”

School committee member Sandra J. Flowers raised a concern that the original intent for the bridge was for emergency egress, especially for handicapped students.

“We want to make sure the students can get out safely,” Flowers said.

Ambrogi said the redesign including another set of interior design met state fire codes.

pferd February 15, 2012 at 01:36 PM
this being rhode island why don't you people disclose what the payoff was?? after all this is rhode island where a providence council man demands a payoff off for fixing a side walk and he is still in office instead of being chased out of the state and nation in irons. what about the scum that cuts funding for kids with downs syndrome but leaves the union pensions and state salaries in tact? this state is worst than england was when america kicked them out. this is really the stupid state loaded with morons. they claim to be for the poor and little guy. who pays the high gas prices? who pays for the lousy roads? and lousy they are. the only decent facility in this state is Brown university and now they want to penalize the university for the mismanagement of the budget. i hope the university tells the moron mayor and even bigger moron governor to go pound salt.
pferd February 15, 2012 at 01:37 PM
when will the majority wake up and shake this state up and demand responsibility???
Jack February 15, 2012 at 02:52 PM
The one thing you forgot is you can leave and find a place more to your tastes any time......bon voyage !!!!


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