Rare Lobster at Newport Aquarium Needs a Name!

This rare calico lobster needs a name!
This rare calico lobster needs a name!

Save The Bay’s Exploration Center & Aquarium has just received a rare calico lobster (Calico Colormorph) from local lobsterman Bobby Braman and the fishing vessel “Sweet Mystery.” A native American Lobster is a very common animal to see in an aquarium, but it is unlike the calico currently on display at our facility.

Our calico lobster needs a name!

Come visit the Exploration Center & Aquarium in Newport and submit your idea for a name. While in Newport, enjoy a boat trip on one of our vessels as we search for seals in Newport Harbor. Up to 40 seals have been seen in the harbor during our trips at low tide. All seal watch trips leave from Long Wharf in downtown Newport.

About lobsters

American Lobsters (Homarus americanus) can have many exoskeleton color variations, just like hair color in humans. Lobsters can be albino, blue, orange, red, brownish-black, bi-color, calico or a combination of any of these. A blend of dark red, brown and blue is the most common color. At our Exploration Center & Aquarium, we are lucky enough to have a lobster with the calico color variation on display, which is a mixture of orange and black.

How do lobsters get their color?

Depending on a lobster’s diet, the coloration of their shells can vary. Foods high in iodine, such as squid, give lobsters a bluish hue. Foods high in a certain carotenoid, called astaxantian, help give our calico lobster its vibrant orange color. Caroteniods are found in plants such as carrots and phytoplankton. 

Since lobsters don’t like carrots, and phytoplankton is too small for adult lobsters to eat, we have to incorporate animals that filter feed on phytoplankton such as mussels, clams, and quahogs. These are all common in Narragansett Bay and loved by our calico lobster.

In the wild, lobsters live on a rocky bottom habitat, both in bays and the open ocean, ranging from Labrador, Canada and south to Virginia. Out of this entire lobster population, it is estimated that calico lobsters are 1 out of every 30 million lobsters. 

For more information about adventures with Save The Bay, visit our website.

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jojo jenkins January 15, 2014 at 01:53 PM
Let's see it from the lobster's point of view. I am unique... I am free... Look some food.... Now look I am stuck in a cage... Where the hell am I now? I can not get out of this box. Now they want to take my name away? I thought humans were suppose to be civilized. I guess we are wrong.. Besides this. These are reasons people no longer want to be unique. Welcome to the second coming of the dark ages. Go Masons go. You keep it up and you will hit your goal of 5,000,000 max world population. I just hope you like throwing sticks and stones at each other.
George Costanza January 15, 2014 at 11:59 PM
Where is this "Newport Aquarium?" Are they talking about the Lobster Bar? In Newport the aquarium should be a bar. Also, how do they know lobsters don't like carrots? Have they tried feeding the lobster carrots? Can they post a picture of themselves feeding the lobster carrots? Seals? In the Narragansett Bay? I live on the Bay and I have never seen a Seal in my life. What am I doing wrong?
detachablepenis January 16, 2014 at 07:22 AM
Name him Corky


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