Senator Reed Visits the Maher Center

The center hosted a visit by the senator yesterday.

The hosted a visit by Senator Jack Reed on Monday, Jan. 30.  The tour was an opportunity for him and his staff to see the services that employees of the agency provide both for, and with, individuals with developmental disabilities during difficult economic times.

Sen. Reed had the opportunity to view first-hand how the Maher Center’s many business ventures allow program participants to earn a paycheck, become taxpayers and feel a sense of personal worth.

“Everywhere that Senator Reed visited, he expressed an appreciation for what the Maher Center is doing, expressed his support for our efforts to continue what we do, and offered to help us in any way he can,” Executive Director Angelo Tartaglione said.

Throughout the tour, he took time to greet and chat individually with some of the participants, some of whom recognized him immediately. At the end of the tour, Sen. Reed and his staff had a better appreciation of what the Maher Center does for the more than 300 people they work with on a daily basis and what services are available to the residents of Aquidneck Island.


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