Newport Lends Pedal-Power to Presidential Inauguration

Newport pedicab drivers made the trip to Washington D.C.

During the summertime, pedicabs are ubiquitous on Newport’s streets. So, what have they been doing during the off-season?

Going to the Presidential Inauguration to offer their services, of course!

Mike Kowalczyk and John Becker, both from Newport, traveled down to the nation’s capital to provide transportation, WTOP reported. Mike Rivkees and Barrett Herminghaus also made the trip.

Despite not being as familiar with Washington, D.C. streets as they are with Newport’s, they relied on the GPS on their phones and hoping their passengers knew the way.  

"Awesome weekend in DC at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration with the fellas from National Pedicabs and Boston" Newport Pedicab tweeted on Saturday.

Read WTOP’s full story on the pedicabs’ presence at the Inauguration here.


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