Facts about 'Recycle Together RI'

With today's ceremonial opening of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's renovated Material Recycling Facility, there's a new way to recycle in Rhode Island.


This morning, Gov. Lincoln Chafee and a group of state and local officials are scheduled to (MRF) on the grounds of the at the Central Landfill in Johnston.

The event formally kicks off the new "Recycle Together RI" program, which will allow Newport residents to combine recyclables in the bins they already have, instead of separating the paper from plastic.

But there's more to the new system than just being able to throw milk jugs in with old newspapers—according to the RIRRC's new website about the program, residents can now recycle more kinds of plastic containers and paper, including:

  • jars from mayo, peanut butter, jelly  
  • tubs from butter, ice cream, margarine  
  • plastic take-out containers  
  • iced coffee cups  
  • yogurt containers  
  • plastic egg cartons
  • wrapping and tissue paper

Some of the items that cannot be recycled include:

  • Scrap metal, like pots, pans, hangers, wires, appliances, chains, cables, nuts, bolts;
  • Plastic shopping bags—RIRRC instructs residents to return the bags to stores, and don't pack recyclables in bags;
  • Refrigerated and frozen food boxes, like boxes from butter, pizza, beer, soda, TV dinners;
  • Containers larger than 2 gallons and non-container plastic, like toys;
  • Hybrid packaging (metal/paper/plastic mix), like oatmeal and chip canisters, K‐cups;
  • Greasy pizza boxes;
  • Clothing and textiles;
  • Chip bags and candy wrappers;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Lightbulbs and household hazardous waste
  • Sharps (used medical syringes).

The attached PDF provides guidelines for how to dispose of these kinds of materials.

For more information, visit the RIRRC's Recycle Together RI website, call 401-942-1430, or submit a question via its contact page.

Chip Leakas June 06, 2012 at 11:10 AM
How do I recycle my unused collection bin now that I don't need 2 separate bins? I don't have room for 2 separate bins. Also, what is the cost of these bins, and since mine are brand new, don't consumers ultimately pay the cost of these bins?
Pat June 06, 2012 at 01:01 PM
You can still use both bins that you already have; you can now just put whatever in either bin. If you want to recycle them you can do so at one of the special recycle events (eco-depot) held through the year. See your solid waste and recycling calendar, visit the Newport clean city, or rirrc website for dates. The recycle event held in Newport back in April, they took old broken bins for recycling and would exchange for news ones. PS. just on a side note, I emailed rirrc last week to inquire about cloths hanger recycling and neither metal nor plastic hangers are recyclable.


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