All City Meetings will be Moved out of City Hall

City officials now are making arrangements for all meetings to now be held in alternate locations until improvements to the elevator and lift at City Hall can be completed.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
City officials have concluded that any public meeting being held at City Hall would be in violation of the Open Meetings Act after a state Attorney General's office ruling earlier this month.

The ruling was based on a complaint filed by a local woman who couldn't attend a City Council meeting in person last year. The City Council met at Newport Public Library this week in the wake of the ruling.

City officials now are making arrangements for all meetings to now be held in alternate locations until improvements to the elevator and lift at City Hall can be completed. And that could be a while, as the improvements are pegged to a bond referendum that will appear on the November ballot.

The City Council approved a resolution earlier this month paving the way for the measure to get put on the ballot. It was spearheaded by Councilor Jeanne Napolitano.

The City Council's next meeting on June 25 is reportedly to be in the Edward King House Senior Center at 35 King Street.
George Costanza June 14, 2014 at 08:42 AM
If you want to know how health Newport's finances are, take into consideration that in order to fix the handicap accessibility problem, the City only has to spend $150k on an elevator. The City hasn't been able to afford $150k in 5 years.................
SHS June 14, 2014 at 10:41 AM
Shame on the city of Newport. After numerous compalints over the years, It took the attorney general to get this in gear.
A.N. June 14, 2014 at 10:35 PM
I heard that the mayor has to preside from the community room at the police station because the library's meeting room is not clown mustache accessible.
Craig Civic June 23, 2014 at 10:05 PM
Geo, SHS, A.N., unfortunately I'm not on here as much as I would like to be (physical issues...NOT complaining) but you are all right on the money. SHS....my thoughts exactly. WHYYYY did it take the AG to finally get this done? I.E., as usual it takes the DEATH of someone to CHANGE something OBVIOUS. Geo...I'm surprised that that it is only $150K...because....again, for $150K...WHY did it TAKE SO LONG for the DOPEY City Council to fix an OBVIOUS...HUMANNNNNNN...issue?? I've been FORTUNATE to have traveled to many places on the globe and even the most so-called "3rd world countries" on the face of the earth PAY ATTENTION to their most "special" citizens. NOT these ASSWIPES in City Hall who can bounce up and down the steps, elevators, etc in City Hall w/o EEVER....EVER....EVVVERRRR....thinking of those that CAN'T even when the SEE IT IN PERSON, e.g., "Zack" climbing the stairs w/ his HANDS ands ARMS. SHAME on Newport is right....along with mountains of OTHER...HUMAN...issues the City cannot be BOTHERED with. Salaries and pensions SUCK UP most of the budget that could be used for....er, uh....HUMAN ISSUES. Such as trash on the beaches, Fort Adams has crap everywhere on the grounds (I could CARE LESS that "the law" is, paraphrasing, "Take what you bring"! I'll show you HUNDREDS of garbage bags STUFFED into the trees and other areas off the picnic tables) and the ENDLESS horrific sidewalks and bumpy walking areas that plague this so-called "City". Maybe the City Council members should GET OFF THEIR ASSES and go walk/ride around and LOOK for trouble instead of HIDING FROM IT so they can go to Japan or walk in parades or designate every day of the week as something "important." A. N. - Your comment is PRICELESS. He spends MORE time on the 'stache than looking FOR or SOLVING...problems. And, some other time I'll start on 'our" dreadfully PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE City Manager who, again, spends MORE TIME looking for OTHER JOBS than DOING her own. You can bet she is scared crapless because of the Public Opinion and WANTS OUT...badly. "Wahhhhhhhhhhh, I wanna go ANYWHERE but Newport!! Even...OHIO!"


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