Sen. Whitehouse's Son Plead No Contest to DUI

The 19 year-old pleaded no contest to the DUI charge.

Alexander Whitehouse, the son of U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse pleaded no contest Friday morning to a charge of driving under the influence, reported the Providence Journal today.

in Middletown early Wednesday morning after a witness reported he was driving erratically and appeared to be intoxicated. 

Whitehouse was fined $250, ordered 30 hours of community service and was ordered to attend a school for drunk driving, the article reported.  Sen. Whitehouse and his wife Sandra attended the hearing, held at the Rhode Island District Court.

Read the full story here.

John H July 28, 2012 at 02:43 PM
There is a descrepancy between Projo and the Daily News, namely, that he also had the license suspended for 3 months. It would be nice to know what the true facts are but, in keeping with Rhode Island's deeply disfunctional nature, that isn't possible. Compounding the problem is that either outcome is plausible in a state that adamantly refuses to address drunk driving from the combined standpoints of cultural acceptance, enforcement, and punishment. Frankly, allowing anyone, regardless of family or age, to plead NC with a Mirandized incriminating statement and properly obtained evidence is a cop out. Treating first offenders with kid gloves, considering the state's epidemic level (relatively speaking) of DWI is also not the way to go. It amazes me that a man who is such a stalwart advocate for the country's political left wing takes the time to give a homily on gun control in the wake of tragedy but considers his son's drunk driving offense to be fairly adjudicated with a slap on the wrist. His ideology made "Zero Tolerance" a household word 20 years ago and his party figured out 35 years ago how to use funding mandates to circumvent the 9th and 10th ammendments- after all, it was used to lower the BAC minimum to .08. Where is the move to create a national standard of DWI/DUI punishment, modeled after policies already shown to be effective: mandatory jail time, felonizing 2nd offenses, suspending vehicle registrations? I guess damage control is more important.
roybus August 01, 2012 at 12:12 PM
He also should have been charged with possession of a concealed weapon ( a large knife in a sheath was found in his car ) Also he did not get charged for possession of marijuana. All together with the DUI, he should have been in jail. Corruption at it's best, it is nice to be the son of Sheldon Whitehouse, shame on the judge that let him get away with a $ 250 fine...


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