RIHS Football Poll – Week 1

This week's Rhode Island High School varsity football poll.

La Salle remains at the top of the Rhode Island High School Football Media Poll, although their margin has narrowed to just two points over Bishop Hendricken thanks to an increased electorate.

After just nine ballots were cast for the preseason poll, the ranks have swollen to 13 voters for week two. As a result, La Salle’s point margin for first has shrunk from nine points to just two.

The No. 3 team, Portsmouth, remains the same. After that, well, the first week of league and non-league games sure has made a mess of the poll. Expect a lot of turbulence in the next few weeks though, before things settle down after five games or so.

The poll is compiled thanks to the hard work of Eric Rueb, a sports editor with Southern Rhode Island Newspapers. Patch’s ballot is cast by , the local editor of the South Kingstown and Narragansett site.


Rank Team Points Last Week Patch # 1 La Salle (7) 270 1 2 2 Hendricken (6) 268 2 1 3 Portsmouth 255 3 3 4 Cranston East 235 5 7 5 Tolman 220 6 4 6 Barrington 189 4 9 7 Westerly 182 10 5 8 Cranston West 171 11 8 9 Johnston 153 12 17 10 Woonsocket 132 t-16 12 11 West Warwick 121 19 6 12 St. Ray's 119 8 16 13 East Providence 117 7 11 14 South Kingstown 105 9 10 15 Chariho 84 18 14 16 Cumberland 78 13 15 17 Middletown 77 t-16 NR 18 Shea 28 NR NR 19 East Greenwich 26 NR NR 20 Moses Brown 22 NR NR

Dropped from poll: Rogers (14), Central (15), Toll Gate (20). Also receiving votes: Central 20, North Smithfield 14, North Kingstown 13, Toll Gate 9, Mount Hope 6, North Providence 5, Rogers 5, Smithfield 5, Warwick Veterans 4, Exeter-West Greenwich 2, Mount Pleasant 1, Burrillville 1.

The Rhode Island Sports Media football poll is voted on by 13 local media members who regularly cover Rhode Island high school football. The poll is administrated and compiled by Eric Rueb of Southern Rhode Island Newspapers.


The same caveat I had following last week’s ballot still applies – The sample size for most of these teams is so small that it’s hard for me to accurately rank them. With a few more weeks, I imagine things will sort themselves out.

The most eye-opening result to me came from the Division I vs. Division II results. South Kingstown was shutout by West Warwick, 20-0, and Woonsocket shutout East Providence, 21-0.

Both were non-league games, so coaches will sometimes play all backups, but even still, shutouts are impressive to me. In high school football, injuries are frequent, so a backup is always a snap or two away from starting.

My ballot differed the most from others at the bottom, where it usually does. I kept Exeter-West Greenwich in despite the loss to East Greenwich, and Burrillville also snuck into my ballot. I also kept Rogers in, at No. 17, instead of dropping them after a 46-0 drubbing at the hands of Portsmouth.

Rank Team Media Last Week 1 Hendricken 2 1 2 La Salle 1 2 3 Portsmouth 3 3 4 Tolman 5 4 5 Westerly 7 11 6 West Warwick 11 16 7 Cranston East 4 6 8 Cranston West 8 9 9 Barrington 6 5 10 South Kingstown 14 7 11 East Providence 13 10 12 Woonsocket 10 17 13 Central NR 12 14 Chariho 15 14 15 Cumberland 16 NR 16 St. Ray's 12 8 17 Johnston 9 13 18 Rogers NR 15 19 Exeter-West Greenwich NR 20 20 Burrillville NR 18

Veteran September 13, 2012 at 03:11 PM
So Rogers plays a Div-1 team, and a very good team at that, and they are dropped from the poll? I must admit I truly do not understand the leagues decision to move Rogers up to D-2B. Rogers lost most of its impact players over the last 2 years. Everyone was aware that this years team was made up of mostly new players. Rogers is in a rebuilding phase. From what I read, the league looks at a team after 3 years and evaluates that teams record. Based off of win/lose ratio it is then decided to move up or down. Rogers was in Div-3 for 2 years. Yes, they had only 1 loss in those 2 years, but again, I refer back to my rebuilding comment. Likewise, Middletown has done very well in Div-3. They have been just as dominant and won the Div their first year, edging Rogers out during the playoffs, and they returned to the Super Bowl again last year. Were they also considered to move up? I still have faith in our program. What we saw last week was a team of young players not yet familiar with each other. They need to stop the blame game and start trusting one another and they will be fine. Coach Frank is a great coach and he will turn this team around but let's give him the time to do it. Let's wait and see how they fair against teams in their own Div before we start to judge.


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