Parking Ban Issued in Preparation of Snowstorm

Newport has issued a parking ban for certain streets

There will be a parking ban in effect at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21 until further notice due to the forecasted snow storm. The following streets are designated tow zones for emergency snow removal work: 

  • Bellevue Avenue: Kay Street to Bowery Street; 
  • Broadway;
  • Friendship Street;
  • Spring Street;
  • Summer Street;
  • Thames Street;
  • Van Zandt Avenue, from J.T. Connell Memorial Road east to Malbone Road.
  • Washington Square;
  • West Marlborough Street.

Motor vehicles parked on such a street one-half hour after the parking ban has been announced may be towed. Residents can utilize the following parking lots: Gateway Center, Mary Street lot, and Easton’s Beach free of charge during parking ban. 

9.08.110. Snow removal

No owner, occupant or other person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, square or public place in the city, where there is a sidewalk, shall fail, within five hours of daylight, after the ceasing to fall of any snow, to cause the same to be removed from the sidewalk adjoining such building or lot, and in all streets where there is no curbstone set, a pathway, at least four feet wide, shall be made on and along the sidewalk aforesaid for the convenience of pedestrians. 

9.08.120. Ice removal. 

Whenever any sidewalk, or any part thereof, adjoining any building or lot of land on any street is encumbered with ice, no owner, occupant or other person having the care of such building or lot shall fail to cause such sidewalks to be made safe and convenient, by removing the ice therefrom or by covering the same with sand or ashes within four hours during the daytime. 

SPARTACUS January 21, 2014 at 01:40 PM
I find it amusing that the city has already blown through 1/3 of its snow budget. No surprise. Living off America's Cup, I get to watch this shakedown every time it "snows". These guys are off and running at even the rumor of snow. I have watched on numerous occasions as they plow to the point of generating sparks from the plows. Sometimes as many as three in a row, one car length apart. I assume they're paid by the mile/plow down. The real cute part is that I never see this slick little move during daylight hours. Hmm? Given the pathetic third world condition of our roadways, I find this incredibly foolish if not criminal. I can't imagine its ever a good idea to drag thousands of pounds of steel over bare roads. I have to admit though, its a great business model. Destroy the roadways and come back in the spring to fix them (poorly). Blood sucking thieves. I did bring this up to one of our ward councilors, but you can guess how far that went. Keep up the good work everyone. Thanks.
Olga Enger January 21, 2014 at 02:02 PM
Meghan, yes, CCRI (All Campuses) have canceled classes/activities from; 4pm today thru 4pm tomorrow
George Costanza January 21, 2014 at 03:07 PM
Along with sand and salt, City workers also get free Blue Stone from the City Supply Depot, all thanks to the Newport Taxpayer!!!
frank macedo January 21, 2014 at 03:37 PM
yep but the people who live and pay taxes to the city need to beg just to get a 5 gal bucket of dirt lol
Mary Sorbanelli-Chilton January 21, 2014 at 11:44 PM
what about trash pick up is it delayed an extra day????


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