MPD End Investigation of Middletown Teacher, Release Details

Middletown Police said they have ended the investigation into Middletown teacher Patrick Aylward.


The Middletown Police Department have concluded their investigation into a potential relationship between 39-year-old  Patrick Aylward, a teacher at Middletown High School, and a 17-year-old female student. Police were investigating a possible third degree sexual assault with the student after she allegedly told Fall River police she was having an intimate relationship with the teacher. 

Middletown police said after their investigation, they have not found sufficient evidence to charge the teacher.  The state's legal age of consent is 16, said police.  

Portsmouth police charged Aylward on Feb 17 with domestic simple assault after he allegedly head-butted the student at Founder's Brook Motel in Portsmouth.  Motel staff told Patch Aylward had rented a room at the motel many times since last fall. 

On March 4, the female student allegedly smashed a window and entered Aylward's house in Fall River.  Police said Aylward's wife used pepper spray on the girl. 

Police said Aylward initially denied knowing the girl but later said she was a student at Middletown High School. 

The girl told police she had been having an intimate relationship with Aylward for the past two years and had sex with the teacher many times in Middletown and Portsmouth.  She told police that Aylward pays for her cell phone.

Last July, Middletown police said they responded to a domestic argument between Aylward and the student at the Comfort Inn Motel.  Aylward reportedly told police he was a mentor-figure for the girl.

The relationship is still under investigation by the Middletown School Department.  He remains on paid leave, according to Middletown Superintendent Rosemarie Kraeger.

Autumn Time April 07, 2013 at 02:27 AM
No, Curry... What I get is a story told to the police doesn't mean it's true. Please tell me you are not that naive? And again ... I think you'd have visible swelling if you went through a glass window, and then told police a made up story... Get it now???
Curry Fries April 07, 2013 at 01:21 PM
Like I said, the swelling happened at the Motel on Feb. 17. The break-in through the window happened March 4. So, what are you talking about?? And, I never said the girl didn't lie. I'm only commenting on how the adult in this story is acting and the choices HE is making. Your argument is not answering my concerns about the story. All you keep saying is that the girl has made all of this up. You CANNOT tell me he has done nothing wrong as a teacher.
Autumn Time April 07, 2013 at 03:14 PM
I'm talking about when it was reported. Nothing was reported to the police on Feb. 17th. It wasn't reported until after she broke into the man's house. What I'm saying is your basing your concerns on assumptions. Wait until the facts come out. Obviously, there is a reason why they ended their investigation... Get it? Anybody can report an incident to the police.... Doesn't mean it's true. The media has gotten where it is today by sensationalizing stories like this.... Doesn't mean any of them are true... This is how media outlets stay in business. All I'm saying is let law enforcement do their job, instead of believing what you read from any media source. Again, if you go through a glass window while breaking into someone's house and then after you get arrested, make up a story... This is what happens... Sensationalism at its best.
Glen April 09, 2013 at 12:44 PM
Autumn Time, you need to read the article.
ReadinginProv April 09, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Renting a hotel many times??!!!! Really??!!! Oh I know, he was doing his lesson plans at the hotel. He headbutts here, she breaks into his home...... let's put this all together.


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