Four DUI Arrests, Newport Man Tased and Sedated for Disorderly Conduct

The following information is based on Middletown Police Department arrest reports and does not indicate any convictions.

Four have been arrested by Middletown Police for driving while under the influence since last Thursday.

Alan Hodge of 44 Memorial Blvd., Newpor,t was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 16 at 9:52 p.m on charges of first offense driving under the influence, simple assault or battery, vandalism and resisting arrest. He was also cited for refusal to submit to a chemical test.

The 31-year-old man was stopped in the Flint Marine parking lot on East Main Road for allegedly operating a vehicle in a reckless manner. 

Allegedly, Hodge was highly agitated and cursed at the officer who stopped him. When a second officer arrived on the scene and tried to calm him down, Hodge allegedly rolled up his windows and locked the car doors.

Another officer arrived at the scene and attempted to speak with Hodge, but reported Hodge kept yelling racial obscenities and threatened that the officers “families were in trouble.”

Police reported his eyes were blood-shot and glossy. 

After failed attempts to convince Hodge to open the door, police got the lockout tool from the cruiser and attempted to open the front passenger side door, while the other officers distracted him at the driver’s side door. The report stated that the officer almost unlocked the door, when Hodge grabbed the tool and twisted it around the head rest on the passenger’s seat.

The officer then went to the driver's side when he attempted to speak with Hodge and told him he would have to break the window if he did not open the door. Hodge allegedly told officers to go ahead because he would not come out.

The window was broken and Hodge was ordered out of the vehicle with the taser pointed at him.  

Police reported Hodge opened the door and put his legs out, but refused to go any further. The officers pulled him out of the vehicle, and attempted to handcuff him, but he allegedly would not get on the ground.   

Police reported that Hodge kicked the officer during the struggle, and consequently drive stuns were delivered to both legs.  Hodge was on the ground, face down and put in handcuffs. Once he was patted down and told to get up, he allegedly refused and was carried to the rear of the cruiser.     

The police report stated that Hodge had a small cut on the left side of his forehead, which was bleeding. Rescue was called and Hodge was transported to the Newport Hospirtal Emergency Room, and allegedly remained uncooperative.

The police report stated that he spit in the face of an RN and had to be physically restrained and was eventually sedated by emergency room staff.

Hodge was then processed without incident.

Christopher Kubiak of 34 Sunset Dr., Dudley, MA, was arrested on a first offense driving under the influence charge at 1:58 a.m. on Sunday, Feb 18. The 24-year-old Kubik was stopped on Access Road, after he made a right turn and came to a complete stop in the middle of the roadway.  

Kubiak allegedly admitted to drinking.  

After administering several field sobriety tests, the police placed him under arrest and brought him in for processing. When he was provided a pen to sign for his personal property, Kubiak allegedly kept asking questions regarding his arrest and level of intoxication. The police report stated that although the officer said that he was not going to review the circumstances again, he kept asking questions and refused to sign.  

Kubiak allegedly pulled his hand away when the officer attempted to take the pen away. The officer took Kubiak’s wrist, removed the pen, placed his arm behind his back and escorted him to a cell.  

Nimara Seng of 45 Hanover St, was arrested at 5:49 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 18, for driving under the influence, a misdemeanor first offense, and was cited for refusal to submit to a chemical test. According to the police report, Seng was traveling at a speed of approximately 60 mph on East Main Road, where the posted limit is 35 mph.  

Once stopped, the officer reported Seng’s eyes were glossy and when he asked him how much he had to drink, he responded he had two beers at the Rhino Bar in Newport. After the field sobriety tests were completed, the officer placed him under arrest.

The police report stated that on the way to the station, Seng swore at the officer, made racial slurs and threatened him.  

“I got your name on my belt and I’m going home to get my gun,” Seng allegedly told the officer. Once at the station, he refused to submit to the chemical test and he was placed in a cell.  

Amanda Marks of 141 Highland Road in Tiverton was arrested on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 2:10 a.m, for driving under the influence, a misdemeanor first offense, and was cited for refusal to submit to a chemical test and for interior lights to be operated during police stop.  

According the police report, when the cruiser activated the emergency lights, 23-year-old Marks swerved across the double yellow lines, into oncoming traffic on West Main Road. Another vehicle traveling southbound was forced to make an abrupt lane change to avoid a collision, the report stated.

The officer stated he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and observed her eyes to be glossy. After the officer administered the field sobriety tests, he placed her under arrest.  The police report stated Marks cursed at the officer on the sway to the station.  

When processed, she refused to answer questions and said the officer was “costing her money.”


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