Found: Female German Shepard Mix

Contact Animal Control if you have information about this dog.

Animal Control Officers are asking Coventry residents if they have or know of anyone that has lost a female German Shepard within the past six months.

The two-year-old pup was spotted Friday morning in the dunes behind BJ's Wholesale Club and was secured by officer Matthew McCormick fairly easily once she was given some dog treats.

The Shepard is believed to have been loose outside for approximately four to six months and is now severely malnourished and being treated for a skin infection and fleas. She will remain under evaluation for the next week and then Animal Control will determine the next course of action.

Despite being weak, sick and underfed, the dog is obedient and quite calm around people and the other animals at the pound, traits that suggest she may have once been once domesticated.

"She's a good dog and very high-spirited," said McCormick.

If anyone has information regarding this animal, please contact Coventry Animal Control at 822-9106.

Coventry Patch will have an update on the dog's condition next week.

Kristin Costa Offiler August 05, 2011 at 10:06 PM
Oh my god, this makes me want to cry. I hope she's ok!
Jennifer Gould August 06, 2011 at 12:30 AM
Kristin I was just about to write what you wrote. How sad that someone probably just let her go and she had no way of fending for herself. I'm going to buy some treats and bring them to the pound for her. And maybe a toy too if they'll let me.


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