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What's Your New Year's Resolution for Newport?

What would you like to see the town accomplish in 2012?

There's a reason why people make resolutions at New Year's. With the turning of the calendar, it feels like a time to start new challenges that have been put off for too long, or re-start challenges that have been left unfinished.

While some of you may have made personal resolutions for the coming year, what about for Newport? We want to know your resolutions for the city this year: What would you like to see Newport accomplish or finish as a community?

Tell us your resolutions for the city in the comments below and we'll revisit them one year from now to see how much progress Newport has made.

frank macedo January 01, 2013 at 09:37 PM
get rid of the 3 crooked city councilors they know who they are (POS) and get rid of of the currupt HR in city hall for the crap is about to hit the fand Coury and Kolator and the way they screw people over


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