Should Tanning Be Regulated in Rhode Island?

Should teenagers or adults have to follow rules regarding tanning?

Should teenagers be allowed to go tanning? A recent bill from tanning altogether. Some tanning salons require parental permission for clients under 18 years old, but at the same time, teens can go to any beach and tan for hours.

Aside from tanning, should teenagers have their time in the sun regulated by lifeguards at pools and beaches as well? Should there be rules for adults too?

Gordon June 13, 2011 at 10:45 AM
Enough Stay out of our lives. Is there no end to politicians meddling. With all of the serious issues in this state, failing economy, failing schools, declining population and ever increasing taxes you think that they would have better things to do. Who are these people. Why not regulate chocolate for people over weight, lets limit the number of pets people can have, how about the length of beards, closeness to hot stoves.
charles s bailey June 28, 2011 at 10:48 PM
No there isnt any end in sight..And thats the problem. This defecit is the only thing these psuedo politicians should be focusing on.. Speech after speech, and nothing of substance. They have run out of ideas and they need to throw up smoke screens to take the voters attention away from the issues that really matter. And they are trying to raise the cost of ALL beverages with sugar 50 to 100 percent....Its crazy.. Whats next?? Watch your backs people, you could be next..


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