Moms Talk: How Do You Get Your Family Back To A Routine?

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Question: How do you get your family back into a routine from summer?

Abbey Rowe: Because the kids are so young, I think we are able to have a more regular routine.  But Fall is still a busy time with classes and activities starting up again after the summer break.  Adelaide is in school several mornings a week and on the other days we do Stroller Strides in the morning.  We also manage to squeeze in a Music Together class and a Signing Smart sign language class for Evie.  Afternoons are a little more mellow as Adelaide still takes a regular nap.  Now if I could just get the baby to nap at the same time, we’d be in great shape!

Nikki Vazquez: We are still trying to figure out our morning/afternoon routines as it seems like we change it up every day with work schedules, school and extra curricular activity schedules still being worked out.  Throw in a few birthday parties and different range of activities for a 16 month old vs. a 6 year old and some days it feels like you need to be split in two to grab every opportunity.  Vic and I work hard at keeping the same bedtime and morning wake up time so that Waylon does not get jammed up on his sleep schedule.  Other than that, it is one day at a time for us and it has been fun (ok and a little exhausting) investigating all new activities for a first grader this year!

Lynn Ceglie: The routine is really just a rat race, trying to avoid scheduling conflicts!  We are up at 6am, out the door by 7am, come home, do homework,  back and forth to Rogers for rehearsal or practice, dinner, and by then we are ready to pack it in for the night.   It's nuts, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Naomi Neville: With so many activities available for kids these days, it's hard imagine settling into a routine.  Every day of the week seems different from the last.  We do try to be consistent with going to bed at the same time every night to encourage a regular sleep pattern.  And in the mornings we have a fairly tight schedule to get up, dressed and eat breakfast before running out the door.  But other than that, it's a free for all in terms of getting through the day.

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