Moms Talk: Does Your Family Have An Emergency Plan?

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This week our moms talked about preparing for the worst.

Question: Does your familiy have an emergency plan?

Abby Rowe: Reading this question makes me think that this is something my family SHOULD do, but we don't currently have a plan.  We do have emergency contact information posted for babysitters, but our planning hasn't gone any further.  As the girls get older I do want to make sure they know how to contact 911, what to do in a fire, and what to do if we get separated in a public place.  Ugh, makes me a little sick to my stomach thinking about, but I want to do everything I can to make sure my girls are safe and secure.

Naomi Neville: We do have a loose plan in place but it's more about how and where Jeff and I would meet if a. Our cell phones stopped working and b. We couldn't get to the house.

It's a plan that needs refinement because we don't have a plan about who would pick up the girls in case of extreme emergency.

It might seem strange but we have talked through scenarios for when it would make sense to leave by boat or by car or when to hunker down.

We briefly considered giving up the land line because we only use our cellphones but decided in a true emergency another telephone option could be important.

So we have thought about emergencies but we're probably woefully unprepared if a true situation arose. 

Nikki Vazquez: A presentation by the Newport Fire Department to Waylon's pre-school made quite an impression on him three years ago and he came home talking about how we needed a plan.  We have also visited the fire station with him, reviewed how to call 911 and he carries our business cards in his wallet so that he can give it to an officer or adult if he was to get lost...these ideas were mostly his!  

Waylon and I were in a fire last year at my parents' house and it was terrifying - something I definitely thought you just read about in the paper or see on the news and not something that will happen to you.  We did not have a plan at my parents house and in retrospect, after we got Waylon safely to a neighbor's house, my parents and I probably went down the list of dont's and tried them all.  It is important to have a plan, the fear, anxiety and thought process you go through during an emergency like that is inexplicable.  That situation obviously made an impact on Waylon and I feel pretty good about his understanding of emergency situations (it also helps to have some outstanding law enforcement individuals as neighbors!).

And by the way, in case you are wondering, OLD cell phones that happen to still have their battery in them still call 911, even if you have had the service disconnected for years....


Naomi Neville is married and has two girls, one who attends Underwood School and one who is in preschool. She is a member of the Newport City Council and also a registered architect in Rhode Island, running a local practice on Thames Street. Naomi has also served as Chair of Newport's Planning Board and was on the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission. She has a bachelor's from Yale University and a master's in Architecture from Columbia University.

Abby Rowe is married and has a two-year-old daughter, Adelaide, and just welcome her newest addition, Evelyn, on May 4! Abby is the owner of Stroller Strides of Newport, a fitness program that moms can do with their babies. She is also currently serving as President of the Newport/Middletown MOMS Club.

 Nikki Vazquez is married and has two children. She has been involved in a number of local initiatives, including serving as co-founder of the Newport Community Garden and chairperson for Newport in Bloom. She is also the owner of Ladies Who Lunch, a full service personal chef and events management company. Her son attends St. Michael's Country Day School.

If you'd like to join the Newport Patch moms council, e-mail Cara Kenefick at cara.kenefick@patch.com.


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