Former Football Star, Navy SEAL Dies at 33

Rob Guzzo Jr., a former Portsmouth High School football player, Iraq War veteran and Transformers actor, died on Monday, Nov. 12.

Friends and family are mourning the loss of a beloved and well-known former Portsmouth High School graduate, Iraq War veteran and actor, after his death on Monday. 

Robert Bryan Guzzo Jr., 33, died Monday, Nov. 12, in San Diego, CA, according to the Poway-Bernardo Mortuary.  

Born on Jan. 3, 1979 in San Diego, CA, Guzzo was a graduate of Portsmouth High School and a former member of the football team. He was also a graduate of SUNY Cortland, where he received a bachelor's degree in sociology, according to his IMDB resume. 

According to a local blog, Guzzo was a Navy SEAL who enlisted in response to the 9/11 attacks. He served in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. 

Guzzo later went on to work as an actor in California, according to his IMDB resume

He was featured in the TV movie, Crisis: New York Under Water, the 2010 TV series Universal Dead and was featured in a 2011 short film, I Am a Human Directional

His biggest role, however, came in 2011 when he performed as a member of Lennox's team in the blockbuster movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon

According to his resume, Guzzo was pursuing a master's degree in kinesiology. 

A Facebook memorial page has been created in Guzzo's memory. On the page, there are numerous tributes such as this one from Nick Arruda

Guzzo's loyalty to our country is nothing short of heroic, in fact it's legendary. After the 9/11 attacks, he decided to join the Navy Seals, because he wants to personally fight the war on terror. Joining the seals is no small accomplishment...he was part of the most elite group of soldiers on the planet and I can't begin to imagine what he's been through while in combat. Unfortunately, he made the ultimate sacrifice...first with his mind and then with his life. I am so proud to call him my friend and I think we would all agree...Guzzo is a real American hero.

To post your tributes or condolences, or to read others, you can view the Rob Guzzo Memorial here. You can also post condolences and tributes to Guzzo in the comment section below. 

The Portsmouth High School Class of '97 is also working to make a donation to the Jena Mae Guzzo Memorial Fund.

Donations should be sent in a check with "Jena Mae/Rob Guzzo" in the memo field. Checks may be sent to Portsmouth High School, 120 Education Lane, Portsmouth, RI, 02871. 

A gathering for Guzzo is being planned for this Sunday, Nov. 25, at the Brick Alley Pub in Newport. Check the Facebook memorial page for further details. 

A memorial service will also be held at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, CA, on Friday. 

Femia Velasquez November 16, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Rob, Roxy has talked about you for many many years, so when I met you at my niece wedding I felt like I knew you already. In just a few minutes with you I knew why my daughter loved you. I will always be thankful to you for always beeing there when Roxy needed a friend. RIP my friend you will never be forgotten.
Scott David Gannes Esq. January 26, 2013 at 11:28 AM
I find it most difficult to to have love for a country like the U.S.A. who " kills its own So called " beloved young men serving it´s nation ", for the "good" of Demacracy! As all intrinsically inteligent Human beings on this ever so wounderful ´ mother earth of ours´, innatly senses: There is absolutly no real Demacracy in this world of ours let alone in the U.S.A!! Rob Guzzo was a nobel man following the foot steps of his patentage no doubt; moreover,a young man with a heart to " fight for his country if needs be".. I, as an American living in my beloved Germany. Whom, with the guidence of my heart, fleed from the evils of a system that has no right to be calling itself a land of Demacracy-the U.S.A is an evil land that will lie and kill., even its own people. I ask you a question: A land that is God Governed; a land with a innersense of wanting-needing too do good, is not a land that has ever so much hate within its own boundries. Futhermore, a land that is in continual "combat" outside its own territories, in the name of "Demacracy".Investigate it´s laws and statuts. We Americans have only learned in our ´ school system ´ a odd sort of " standardization of American Demacracy "This indeed is not what Demacracy is about I dare say!A state of aggragation-Capital expandation in the extreem; that does not involve, moreover help the masses that are so inneed; in our own country- the U.S.A! The killings within the U.S.A. Well, you know what I am writing about I hope...


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