Save the Break: Share Your Ruggles Surfing Pictures

Show how much the surf break at Ruggles means to local surfers. Upload your pictures.

A petition to reject a proposal to repair the Cliff Walk caused Tropical Storm Sandy has reached nearly 6,000 supporters.

In order for the contractor to access the work site, temporary causeways would be constructed, said Charles St. Martin, a spokesman at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT).

A concern raised by local surfers is that those causeways could destroy a popular surf break.

“It’s a complicated issue the way the waves break there,” said Robert Smith, Deputy Chief Engineer for the Department of Transportation on Friday. “We don’t want to make any assumptions. We want to talk to experts on this.”

Show the department how much you love our cherished surf spot. Upload your pictures to this article or provide an account in the comment section below.

M C April 06, 2013 at 10:28 AM
The DOT plan shows very little imagination. The "armored rock" barrier is so common along the coast this will become just another shore in the eyes of the tourist. It is my assumption that people are attracted to the walkway and views for the natural scenery. I call it "nature in the rough". ..the shoreline where you can hear the stones grinding and rolling as the waves wash out. Most people agree the scenery along the cliff walk is unique and possibly the largest tourist attration in the state. Perhaps recognizing the need and budgeting for periodic maintenance this "fix forever" design wouldn't be needed. But then again maintenance isn't one of DOT's strong points is it? ...the Sakonnet Bridge replacement, numerous other state bridges and highways are in poor disrepair. DOT and CRMC are using this as an opportunity to fix the shoreline areas for eternity. But is that armored rock design going to last forever? Look at the Brenton Point Jetty, the Point Judith Jetty. The existing walls along the cliffs have done quite well given their age and almost non-existant maintenance. Those are the ones we have become acustomed to seeing. Most areas leave the waters edge in a natural state. Next time anyone goes to the cliffwalk look at the armored wall areas and compare to the natural rock areas. What do you find more pleasing and inspiring?
heather laurin casey April 06, 2013 at 01:19 PM
Photo credits from above include Meghan Sepe, Luke Simpson, Jason Evans, GE Long
Chris Christensen April 06, 2013 at 05:09 PM
M C, nothing man does to the shoreline at the oceans edges will last forever. Funny when I think of Ruggles Ave there were never any surfers. When we were younger boys Dad would park the car on the road and we would walk to the end of the street and if the surf was up you would find a bunch of old men watching it with surf rods sometimes leaning against the fence there and they would talk about Stripers and the tide. Later as we got older we went fishing with Dad, sometimes when it was dark, for those same Stripers. Now I guess you can no longer park down there same as with Ledge Rd. Probably nobody fishes for Stripers there anymore. Mother Natures rocks will always look better than cement. Other places where they pump sand from offshore into black bags to recreate beach areas do not survive forever either. Same as where they have been foolish to waste OUR money to pump sand from offshore to beaches washed away by storms only to watch the sand wash away again. When will man ever learn that Mother Nature is in charge of our shorelines?


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