Newport Inventor Warms Chilly Beds

Newport resident Mark Aramli has invented a solution to warm beds during this chilly season and cool them during the hot, summer months.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Aramli
Photo Courtesy of Mark Aramli

A Newport resident has given the electric blanket a reason to shiver.

Mark Aramli has invented a solution to warm beds during this chilly season and cool them during the hot, summer months. 

Aramli has named the device the Bedjet, which can heat beds up to 15 times the power and speed of electric blankets and provide “nearly instant dissipation of accumulated heat and moisture out of the bed” to cool it down, said Aramli.

The Bedjet can “within three minutes safely and quietly give the bedding of a king size bed the feel of a hot towel just out of the dryer,” said the local inventor. “It is an absolute delight to use.”

Aramli said the idea was born after his elderly parent came home from surgery for two weeks of bed rest.  “After days of fuddling with electric heating pads, blankets and space heaters, I thought there has got to be a better way than this,” said Aramli. 

Aramli, an engineer, has worked on the NASA space suit primary life support system, specifically elements relating to heating, cooling and climactic comfort of the interior space suit environment for astronauts. 

“The Bedjet operates on the principle of convection heating and forced air,” Aramli explained.  “The device pumps either heated or fresh room temperature air directly into the sleeping layer of the users bedding with a patent pending air delivery and nozzle system. The air delivery system clips into any type of mattress near the foot of the bed.”

Aramli has invested nearly $65,000 to develop the working prototypes and has launched a kickstarter campaign to complete the project. As of Friday, Dec. 13, he has attracted the attention from 40 backers and raised over $16,000 towards his goal of $38,000 required to move the product into production. 

Aramli said a bed was a “way simpler ecosystem to work with” than the heating and cooling elements of the space suit for NASA he has worked on during engineering jobs.

He said he knew he was on to something after he built the first prototype and everyone that tried the Bedjet asked for one. 

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George Costanza December 13, 2013 at 06:39 PM
The most cost effective and efficient way to warm your bed this winter is to get an account on Tinder.


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