Patch Picks: 5 Perfect Places for a Picnic

With so many picturesque spots in town, it was hard to narrow down, but here are our favorite places for a picnic.

  1. - This secluded half circle park offers an arc of lovely park benches under the shade of beautiful trees nestled into the historic and quiet Point neighborhood with views of the Pell Bridge.
  2. - Head up to the rolling field near Eisenhower House where there is plenty of room to sprawl out your blanket and watch the boats come in and out of the bay or bring a frisbee to work off that delicious meal.
  3. - With its own picnic pavilion, there is ample seating for one and all alongside a playground for the kids and plenty of activity with the hustle and bustle of the harbor to take in.
  4. - Bring a kite for some of the best wind in town, a few dollars for the Del’s truck that is typically on site, and be prepared to enjoy sweeping views of the ocean and rocky coastline. You may even want to bring a rod and try your hand at fishing.
  5. - This beautifully manicured park situated amongst the mansions provides pathways for a short work and park benches in both the sun and under the shade of centuries old trees for a perfectly civilized picnic.


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