Here's your Tree of the Year, Newport

The tree is a star magnolia located on the grounds of the Newport Art Museum.

Photo Courtesy: Newport Arboretum
Photo Courtesy: Newport Arboretum
The winner of this year's Tree of the Year is a star.

Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata), that is.

The tree is located on the grounds of the Newport Art Museum.

The contest is sponsored by the Newport Tree and Open Space Commission, the City of Newport Division of Forestry and the Newport Tree Society. It is designed to celebrate Newport's historic urban forest.

For second place, there was a tie this year between an American Elm at the Common Burying Ground on Pell Street opposite America's Cup Avenue and a huge sugar maple at 665 Bellevue Avenue.

Rooted at third is The Liberty Tree - a European beech at Thames and Farewell Streets.

The Newport Arboretum has a page listing all the candidates this year.


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