A “Bridge” worth our Support


A “Bridge” worth our Support


With all the talk concerning the bridges connecting Aquidneck Island with other parts of the state, the bridge we are talking about is not a structure.  It is a mission.

We the members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society are a dedicated group of lay Catholics determined to help our brothers and sisters on and around Aquidneck Island keep the lights on, heat their homes, pay their rent and any other hardships they may be experiencing. 

The Society is represented by 4 Conferences on the Island.  They are Jesus Saviour and St. Joseph’s parishes from Newport, and St. Barnabas and St. Anthony’s parishes from Portsmouth.  Much of the work done on the Island is networked between the four Conferences and several other agencies.  We help in a number of ways.  We meet our neighbors at their homes or at our church; we support and man soup kitchens, we stock food pantries, but most of all we provide the needy with a shoulder to lean on during very trying times.

Many of our neighbors we meet with say the same thing.  “I have never had to ask for help.”  We are touched by the desperation in their words and actions.  To think that on our Island there can be such need seems almost unreal, but it is a reality.  Folks with the everyday worries of work, paying bills, and other typical daily tasks can turn around and find themselves jobless, behind on rent or mortgage, heat, utility bills etc. and nowhere to turn. 

The Society is funded mainly by the generosity of our fellow parishioners and strongly backed by our Priests.  The help we give is not biased.   We do not discriminate due to race, color, or religion.  We are there for all of God’s children.  Wednesday March 5th begins the season of Lent, in which all Catholics are asked to sacrifice for the good of our Lord; we are asking all of our neighbors on Aquidneck Island to help us help the needy.

The funds we collect go directly to the community, there is no overhead.  All of our members volunteer their time and energy with the purpose of putting their faith to work in a real way.   Our reward is seeing the “Face of Jesus” in all who we serve.  Please be as generous as you can, because this bridge from poverty to a better standard of living is well worth the toll.

By clicking on the address below you will be directed to the St. Vincent de Paul website where you can donate to the Newport District.

Thank You and God Bless

The Newport District Council

St. Vincent de Paul Society


Http://www.svdpri.org/newport-county-district/   (hit control and click on web address simultaneously)



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